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Tough Pet Odors and Stains

03/27/2014 Back To Blog

Tough Pet Odors and StainsFor pet owners it is an everyday challenge to keep your pet’s odor and stains from taking over your house. Constantly vacuuming, giving them baths, and cleaning your carpet becomes part of a monthly routine. It is a challenge to keep your home smelling fresh at all times. Pets are in and out of the house all day long so you have to be creative when trying to keep all the different odors and stains out of your carpet.

Pet Odors

The odors follow them from outside and when they lay on the floor it becomes almost unbearable. Everyday vacuuming can help rid the carpet of the odor to a certain extent. The only way to eliminate the odor and be happy about it is to apply some type of pet stain and odor remedy. Carpet cleaning Pasadena strongly suggests steam cleaning as the best way to rid your carpet of strong pet odors. Before you steam clean your rug it is best to sprinkle baking soda all over it so that the baking soda can soak up the odor out of it. Once you have vacuumed, steam cleaning is next. Make sure that you give it the proper amount of time to dry completely.

Pet Stains

Pets are not perfect creatures so they are bound to have an accident on the carpet from time to time. Pet urine stains are difficult to get up when cleaning your floor. Once the urine has dried it takes a lot to get it out. You can either use professional stain removal or you can tackle it yourself. Giving your carpet a treatment before you actually clean it is a great idea. Cleaning it alone is no real guarantee that the urine stain will come completely out. You may have to repeat the stain removal process several times until the urine is completely out. It is okay to repeat the steps as much as you need to.

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