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Which are the most expensive rugs?

Handmade rugs are definitely more expensive than machine-made ones. The price of oriental rugs would also depend on their size, origins and technique. Some old wool rugs have investment value and might be extremely expensive. As an overall, the most expensive ones are the Persian rugs. Specialists of Carpet Cleaning Pasadena would tell you to look at their back side to make sure they are authentic and not machine-made ones sold in the price of handmade rugs.

Which carpets cost less?

Wall to wall carpets are the cheaper ones, especially if they made by synthetic materials. If you cannot afford wool rugs or carpets made by natural products, remember that you will pay less for these ones but you can replace them easier. Carpet cleaning will be easier, too. You won't have to worry about destroying colors and fibers but you will still have to be careful with moisture. They come out in beautiful colors, too.

Is it true that my carpet will attract mold after steam cleaning?

A carpet that has been steam cleaned should dry within 12 hours. If it is done properly, the carpet should not be wet enough for mold to appear by the time it dries up.

What does resoiling mean?

According to our experts, resoiling is when the carpet gets dirty a lot faster after being cleaned. It does not necessarily mean that carpet cleaning leads to resoiling. It is only logical that clean things can get dirty easier than already dirty things. So do not worry about carpet resoiling.

What is the best way to vacuum rugs?

Decide on the best attachment given the fabric and the make of the rug. If you are using a standard beater bar, you should adjust it to the highest setting. It is best to vacuum the rug from both sides. After doing this, you should move it away and vacuum the hard floor underneath it. This will help you to achieve the most effective end result.

Does a carpet that's cleaned more often get dirty quicker?

Definitely not! This is a false concept, at least with today's methods and cleaners. Many years ago it might have been true when carpets were shampooed and a lot of soap residue and chemicals remained in the carpet. These residues would then act as magnets so the carpet became re-soiled more quickly. However, today's cleaning methods leave no soapy residue and the rugs and carpets our professional team cleans will stay more beautiful than ever before.


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