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Our company, Carpet Cleaning Pasadena, offers top quality Commercial Carpet Cleaning to all businesses in Pasadena. We pride ourselves in the quality of our services and we guarantee customer satisfaction every time. Pasadena, for those who do not know, is a city found in Los Angeles County in California, with a population of about 137,000 inhabitants. This beautiful city is also home to many cultural and scientific institutions.

Many offices use carpets as the flooring of choice. It muffles noise when people walk to and fro in the office and it is relatively cheap to cover large floor areas. Also, carpets come in many colors and types and laying carpet happens to be quite easy too. However, stains and dirt is somewhat harder to get off carpets than on hard floors. That being said, very little can stand against our Commercial Stain Remover when it comes to carpets, rugs and curtains. The same kinds of stain removers will work wonders on cushions and any upholstered furniture too.

Upholstery Steam Clean

To be able to provide such great service Commercial Carpet Cleaning Pasadena, has invested into professional grade equipment and chemicals cleaning agents. That is why we can offer Commercial Carpet Cleaning services to all factories, business premises and shops in Pasadena. Our powerful upholstery steam clean process can tackle any stain, incrusted dirt and deep set dust. If that was not enough, we also make use of the latest technology in dry cleaning. The carbonating process involved produces loads of little bubbles that lifts up dirt like never before without the use of harsh chemicals. Further, more surfaces can be treated without fear of damaging them.

Commercial Grade Mold Removal

Not only can we effectively clean carpets and rugs and upholstery, but we also offer tile cleaning. If your floor is covered with tiles, this is the service you will require to get your tiles shining and squeaky clean. Among the services we offer, it is worth mentioning that you can call us for water damage repair. This can happen after flooding by a natural disaster or by breaking down of the HVAC s which is the combined systems of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. We can dry all affected areas up in no time thanks to our powerful fans and commercial grade dryers.

We Provide Mold Removal Service

We also provide mold removal because these airborne fungi can cause breathing issues in the long run. For all your businesses, commercial spaces, offices and factories that need cleaning, please call our commercial services Carpet Cleaning in Pasadena CA. Remember that the way we clean carpets is quite different from the way the carpet is cleaned on a day to day basis, and can considerably restore the appearance of tired and dirty floors. Whatever the type of floors you have on your business premises; we can clean it, make it shiny and put back some life into it.


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