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Carpet Cleaning Doesn’t Need to be Complicated. Have a Look at some of our Easy Suggestions!

Our tips page is packed with excellent ideas to help keep your carpets in good shape in between professional deep cleaning. Trust our knowledge to treat the most common issues such as stain, odor, and mold removal.

Adopt a “no shoes” policy

The saying “prevention is better than the cure” applies very well when it comes to carpets. Your shoes could be bringing in all kinds of dirt and germs into your home and onto your carpet. Implementing a “no shoes” policy in your home can prevent anyone coming into the house from dirtying your carpet. In fact, Carpet Cleaning Pasadena recommends using this kind of policy in every home.

Keep your carpet fresh

In addition to keeping your carpet clean, you should also keep your carpet fresh so as to keep away germs and allow everyone to breathe easily. You can do this by using a commercial air freshener or by mixing up your own solution. By combining one cup of crushed, dried herbs, one teaspoon of ground cloves and a teaspoon of baking soda, you can formulate your own carpet freshener that is sure to give your carpet a truly clean feel.

Use strong solutions only when needed

Strong solutions are very effective against stains and dirt on carpets, but they can also wash out the color or wear out the material. Use them for cleaning only specific spots that need the strong products and not for your entire carpet cleaning session. Use the milder cleaning products the rest of the time.

Pretreat before shampooing

Experts at Carpet Cleaning Pasadena suggest that stains be pretreated before the carpet is shampooed. In fact, the entire process should start with a thorough vacuum first, followed by pre-treatment of stains, and then a good shampoo. With all the steps involved, you should let the professionals do the hard work on your behalf.

Make sure carpets are installed properly

For right carpet installation, you must make sure the right size carpet is selected, the right carpets - in terms of fibers - are bought, the right size tack strips are installed and the padding is also installed properly. Proper installation will ensure the long lasting of the carpets and avoidance of problems, and facilitate carpet maintenance and cleaning according to our professionals in Pasadena.

Clean all use attachments after vacuuming carpet and upholstery

This is essential for preventing dust and dirt particles stuck into them from getting back into the fabrics. If the carpet or upholstery is very dirty, you should not hesitate to interrupt your work and wipe the attachments clean every now and then. This will take extra time and effort, but it will be totally worth it, according to our specialists in Pasadena.


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