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Low Cost Rug Cleaning In Brigden Ranch


Brigden Ranch


Quinn Howard

Service Request:

Mr. Howard’s property featured several rugs, including a large area rug in the living room. These beautiful floor coverings had begun to fade and had several unsightly stains. 

Our Solution:

Clean rugs don’t just look a lot more aesthetically pleasing. They’re also more sanitary to have in your home. We understand how important this is, and we took great care in restoring Mr. Howard’s rugs to our high standards. Firstly, we started with some gentle eco-friendly rug cleaning products. These are specially formulated not to damage rugs, which can often be old and valuable. After clearing off surface dirt and stains with gentle rubbing, we applied cleaning products to break down dirt that was stuck in the rugs. This loosened the stains and allowed us to remove them without causing any damage to the rugs. When we were done, Mr. Howard told us that his rugs looked as good as the day he bought them!

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Highly Trained Experts

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